Drum Machine can be used as a software MIDI pad (MIDI controller) that emulates real MIDI drum pad (KORG nanoPAD) by using MIDI over WiFi connection.

MIDI pads can be used for playing or entering drums track in music applications installed on your computer or laptop.

MAC usage instructions:
Download DSMI server for MAC from here:

Start the DSMI server and then run your music program.

Linux usage instructions:
Download DSMI server for Linux from here:

Start the DSMI server and then run your music program.

Windows usage instructions:
First download and install "MIDI Yoke" MIDI driver from here:
or here: http://trajkovski.net/MidiYokeSetup.msi

Windows 7 users: remember to turn off UAC prior to installation of "MIDI Yoke"

Restart your computer for the MIDI Yoke driver to be active.

Download DSMI server for Windows from here:

Unpack and start the DSMI server (DSMIDIWiFi.EXE).

Select "In From MIDI Yoke: 2" as input port and "Out To MIDI Yoke: 1" as output port in the DSMI server window.

Run your music program.

If MIDI Yoke does not work for you try LoopBe30, Maple Midi Cable or loopMIDI:

Music program configuration instructions:
Almost any computer music program today has MIDI pad (MIDI controller) support. But before you can use it you must configure MIDI devices in program's settings (remote or MIDI section). The input MIDI port is "DSMIDIWIFI-out" (or "In From MIDI Yoke: 1" in Windows). Note that DSMI server (and also MIDI Yoke in Windows) must be running to be able to see this MIDI port. You may also need to select some kind of MIDI keyboard from the list of manufacturers. Any selection can work.

Now, after the MIDI is properly configured you can play some instrument inside the music program with Drum Machine. Some music programs (like for eg. MainStage on MAC) cam detect MIDI input automatically without configuration and although it reports that no physical MIDI device is connected still plays notes received from Drum Machine.

Device configuration instructions:
Your phone (or tablet/pad) must be connected to the same WiFi network as your computer or laptop you are using. Firewall must be disabled or rule exception should be added to be able to communicate freely with the computer. You don't have to configure anything in the Drum Machine application except to check if MIDI over WiFi is enabled in settings. WiFi connection must always be active for this pad to work. If you don't have WiFi infrastructure (router) you can connect to your computer or laptop by creating ad-hoc (computer-to-computer) connection or with software WiFi AP mode (if your device supports this). Search the net for tutorials on how you can do this.

It should work now, and if not read the document again and see if you've missed something.

Happy drumming ;)

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